Registration for TC Vaduz 05. & 06. march 2022, Tattoo-Artists

All following fields must be filled out. If you don't have a website just fill it out with your Facebook or Instagram.

Incomplete registrations are not accepted.

If you register a stand for more artists, you also have to fill out the form " For 1, 2, 3 or 4 Persons-Stands" in addition and for each artist one of the pdf at the end of this text for be able to work in F├╝rstentum Liechtenstein.
Attention: for beeing able to work in Liechtenstein you have to own a EU (eurpeen union) Passport or a work permit for a EU country.

If you haven't received any answer to your registration within 10 days then please think about if you send us the form "permit to work" and if not do it. If you did send the form and don't recived any answer into 10 days please contact us again.

Bevore you make your registration please read the informations on the site "Ministry of Health Liechtenstein". All the atists an piercers are responsible for their colors, hygienic and material at their stands an will be responsible for any kind of violations!

The payment should be payed till 30 days from the date of invoice to credited to our account.
Otherwise, the application will be without a comment deleted and the booth will be passed to the next artist.

Every artist has to fill out the form "Permit to work" and send it by email at . Registrations will only be accepted in combination with this form!

Permit to work F├╝rstentum Liechtenstein

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